NY State Science Olympiad

The New York State Official Science Olympiad site.

National Science Olympiad

Homepage of the National Science Olympiad.

Event Resources

Here is the national list of events with links to helpful resources, study materials, and guides.

Student Center

The Science Olympiad Student Center is a forum for students nation wide to post questions or engage in discussion. Often you can find tips that students have posted, but use common sense: not all of the information is good information. No one error checks or filters for mistakes on the forums.

Test Exchange

Test Exchange is part of the Student Center. These are student-uploaded tests. Some tests are student-written and others are tournament tests. While this could be helpful to practice and experience a Science Olympiad test, there may be errors in the answer key, and might not follow or include all aspects of the rules. *Remember that only a limited section of the rules will be included on the tryouts test. These tests would be good for more practice questions, but may not give you a good sense of what topics will be covered on the tryout test. For specific information regarding the tryout test, refer to the parameters list.